lemon-cucumber (lemon_cucumber) wrote in nickrhodes,

Nick Rhodes fan art project..help!

I am looking for Duran fan artists to participate in an art project, to be shown in an art gallery in Chicago in the next year.

I am working on an art project exploring the nature of "fan art". Specifically, the obsessive nature of creating "fan art" and how photographs are duplicated and personalized by the creation of hand-drawn versions of the image. I personally have drawn many versions of different pictures of Nick Rhodes, specifically.

What I would like to do is compile a collection drawings of the same image by a large number of different fan artists, and combine them (through a software program) into the "ideal" piece of fan art, by averaging all the drawings digitally. I am viewing this as a collaborative project, so when I show this in a gallery, you would be credited. You will also get a print of the finished project, and a percentage of sales if I sell it.

The image I would like people to use as a reference is theis photo. (below..)

What I would need from you would be a high-resolution scan or photograph of the drawing, 8.5x11 minimum size.

Let me know if you would be interested in this project!

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